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Thank you so much for being part of the Island Showcase 2005. Your performance at the art gallery was spellbinding and I am sure you made many more fans as the feedback was extremely positive. I look forward to working with you again. All the very best,
Elly Parker, Island Showcase Coordinator, Nanaimo

It's especially pleasing to have a guitar player of Brad's caliber who can connect with an audience in such an inclusive manner; a player who can tell a good story. I could describe his musical style as popkeltazz. (but I won't). Our audience was riveted to Brad's tech skill using alternate tunings to full advantage, giving the impression of hexadactyly.
On the other hand (honest, the pun wasn't intended) we were only too pleased to sing along (in 6 parts at least) with more familiar and yes, (heaven forgive us) even popular renditions. Brad parted the stage to an encore and a standing ovation. The guitar gurus at the club were left smiling; and the hummers, harmonizers and poets were all a happy lot. Brad Prevedoros is a talent to be experienced.
Rob Castle, Booking Coordinator, Victoria Folk Music Society

My name is Joy Sheppard. I am the co-coordinator for the concert series at St. Philip's Church Lantzville. We endeavor to provide our audience with a diverse series that all can enjoy. We are very proud to have had Brad Prevedoros perform for us October of 2005. He is a marvelous musician with a wide repartee of songs. Many of which he has composed himself. Our audience loved his performance and are looking forward to having him back again.
Joy Sheppard, St. Philip's By the Sea, Lantzville

Thank you so much for being part of our festival this year. We received very positive feedback on your performance, and thanks for the great music. You were a pleasure to work with and hope we can do it again soon.
Phyllis Stenson, Harrison Festival Society, Harrison Hot Springs

Brad Prevedoros was one of the artists in our Tidings Of Comfort And Joy series, making his third appearance. Judging from the comments as people filed out of the chapel, the audience was captivated with his performance. He played some of his own creations and provided a rich ambience for the celebration of Christmas. His own compositions, along with other delightful songs, provided a memorable experience for listeners.
Paricia Whitfield, President, The Society Of Friends Of St. Ann's Academy Victoria


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