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Brad Prevedoros
Something happens when you combine fifty years of musical seasoning and the fingers of a magician. Something happens when you combine the soul of a classical musician, a world musician, and a jazz musician, with a dash of rainy west coast sensibility...and stir vigorously. Brad Prevedoros happens.

“Stylistically speaking I might go from Bach to Latin to the Beatles," Prevedoros explains, "Then you can touch different people with different songs."

Whether it's a special reception, a prestigious jazz festival, a world class theatre, or an intimate house concert, a Brad Prevedoros performance stays with you. It's an experience that simmers long afterwards, like a warm home-cooked meal. It's a sound that soothes your soul like a fine wine.

Bio in a Flash...

Primary Instrument: Guitar. Style: World, Contemporary, Jazz and Classical, Performances per Year: 200+ Awards & Accolades: Western Canadian Music Awards Nominee (2003), Monday Magazine Performer of the Year (2006). Vancouver island Music Awards Instrumental Album of the Year Nominee (2013) Venues: Cabra Concert Hall in Spain, Chan Centre in Vancouver, Victoria Jazz Fest, Filberg Fest on Vancouver Island, Harrison Festival (BC).


"Brad Prevedoros may be one of the most accomplished guitarists of our time, but he’s much more than that. When his fingers touch the strings, it’s magic. The notes are more than just notes they are expressions and feelings and stories that touch everyone. From “Café Dezine” to “The Alchemist” Brad Prevedoros takes you on a journey with seamless transitions through many moods. Songs that will become timeless treasures. A sound that is unmistakably Brad Prevedoros." - Brad Edwards, Bars n Bands / Play in Victoria.

"As a music critic I have heard some of the great guitarists- Paul Galbraith, Christopher Parkening and a few others - so I knew the moment Brad Prevedoros touched the strings that he far exceeded the expectations we bring to musicians who perform in public spaces. Go listen to him live." - Grant Hayter-Menzies, Black Press Group

“Often it seems Brad is working with more than the normal complement of fingers. Latin rhythms tend to sneak in frequently. Sometimes, it's a progressive series of delicately shaded chords; sometimes the music bubbles and fizzes like champagne, occasionally, a suspicion of boogie woogie. Lovely stuff, and very listenable.” - Patrick Brown, Island Tides

"Brad Prevedoros is a class act, both on and off the stage. He is the Jimi Hendrix of jazz and world-infused classical music." - James Kasper, Mighty Speck Records, Vancouver Island Music Awards.


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